The Akyat-Bahay Gangster

AKYAT-BAHAY GANG: A colloquial term for groups of home-invasion thieves in the Philippines, with a variety of modus operandi, including opportunistic breaking-and-entering when the homes are temporarily uninhabited, usually during long holidays.

In contrast, this AKYAT-BAHAY GANGSTER operates alone, takes nothing but photographs, and leaves nothing but footprints, all in the service of Philippine built heritage conservation and documentation.


By day, the Akyat-Bahay Gangster is Leo D. Cloma, a professional senior corporate finance manager.  See his LinkedIn profile here:

Outside of his professional role, he has broad interests in Philippine heritage including antique furniture, religious art and customs, and heritage structures including churches, cemeteries, and, particularly, ancestral houses. 

His Akyat-Bahay Gangster blog reflects these interests, with the biggest portion of the articles focused on ancestral houses but several as well on the other aforementioned subjects.  The blog, originally started on the Multiply website in 2006, migrated to Blogspot in 2012 when the former ceased operations.

The first article, originally published on 7 August 2006, provides a comprehensive background to the blog and its purpose: